Sew perfect Au

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About Us

Tailor Made Sew perfect Au
was born out of the desire to bring elite tailoring to a mass audience.

To offer high quality bespoke tailoring at affordable pricing. Our passion for tailoring and commitment to style and quality are the foundations for our philosophy.

Tailor Made Sew perfect combine traditional tailoring craftsmanship with the latest cutting We are the only men’s tailors in the Australia pioneering this state of the art technology which is the worlds most accurate method of measurement. In just 30 mints. Our unique process is contact free and only relies on a single consultation without the need for numerous time consuming visits required by other men’s tailors.

The starting price of a 2-piece bespoke suit made from our Savile Row quality cloths designed by you is just $695.
Tailor made sew perfect Au levels of customer service and and support have been outstanding. A must visit.